We LIFT software
companies through design

That actually means we partner with everyone from garage startups to Fortune 500 companies to deliver world-class UI/UX Design

Blurring the line
between tech and your users

The disconnection between technology and humans is meant to disappear as technology gets better and better. We help our clients get one step closer by delivering design that is:

We design digital products for the everyday user

Mobile, Web, VR. We can help you design an experience from scratch into growth. Using extensive research and testing, we design and deliver human-centric experiences that are intuitive and easy to use, regardless of the medium.

LIFT Agency’s process delivers designs that emphasize the user experience, as well as provide a clean, modern look and feel.  They are easy to communicate with and are able to quickly incorporate design feedback.

Ryan Casey
Principal Consultant at Skapa Tech

We empower marketing teams with great websites

Following a process of brand, UX, and UI exploration, we implement fully customized, user-friendly CMS websites using Webflow. This responsive, super-fast, SEO-friendly platform empowers your marketing team to do their thing, without the hassle of looping in an external person for every single change.

We worked with Jean and LIFT Agency to build out our launch application. The entire team was great to work with and made the entire process smooth. What makes them unique is that they don't just design after your feature list, but also have a great sense of product  and will help you enhance your product and usability.

Gustav Carlson
CEO & Founder at Azalle

We bring consistency to growth through design systems

Design systems make your processes more efficient and consistent as your product grows. Any member of the team can quickly find a component and duplicate it to maximize their time, while keeping all design patterns consistent as everyone is working from the same source.

Working with LIFT Agency is always a breeze. We get a great quality work delivered on sometimes very short deadlines and they're always flexible to accommodate all types of design needs that a fast growing tech company encounters.

Kristoffer Hanson
CEO at Prestalo



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From Scrappy Startups
to Fortune 500

From Scrappy Startups
to Fortune 500

We have a partnership with Relias, a leading provider for Healthcare Education, to handle parts of their Design System and manage the UX Design for a few product initiatives.

We worked with Bertelsmann to design of one of their new Healthcare ventures. We owned the Design process from the beginning of the venture into millions in revenue.

BuhoPay aims to digitalize the restaurant industry. We work with them to ideate, manage, design, & develop all facets of their product. We also did a lot of their marketing content.

We LOVE Linearity. A scrappy startup from Germany that grew to millions of users. We handled their rebranding from Vectornator.

The population aged 60+ is the fastest growing demographic in the world. We helped Ohana Health design the future of the caregiving vocation after seeing the profound difference in well-being for people under care.

LIFT Agency is working together with the folks at Clinical Ink to reimagine the future of clinical trials. LIFT agency designs all the UX/UI for Design for Clinical Ink

We have an ongoing partnership with Clinical Ink to reinvent the future of clinical trials with the patient's own devices and a web interface to collect data. We handle most of their UI/UX needs and love doing so!

What's better than having someone negotiate a better loan for you? We've worked with Prestalo to handle a big chunk of their design work since they were born into 30,000 monthly requests.

We worked with Movistar (Telefonica) to reimagine the UX of one of their Leading LATAM loyalty products. We designed a mobile experience for iOS, Android, & Windows for 10 million+  customers.

The mission is to preserve Nantucket’s character by permanently conserving, maintaining, and managing natural areas, & habitats. We partnered to launch an app where visitors can explore the 200 acres they manage.

One of our most daring clients. Norrsken helps entrepreneurs solve the world's biggest challenges. We worked with them on their very first initiative to fight corruption through tech.

A revolutionary way to find cancer through Artificial Intelligence. We helped Bostel define a branding identity and design a website for their marketing team.

LIFT Agency designed an iOS and Android experience for Moveek, a mob of over one million movie geeks in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia's Rotten Tomatoes, with over 5 millions users. We have worked with them over the years to run the UX design for their mobile & web products.

Mudita helps baseball college fans to get real-time statistics of their favorite players along with notifications whenever there were updates. We developed the UX & iOS app.

The Vina Energy Group is a conglomerate of companies. We helped bring consistency to their visually fragmented portfolio of companies.

Straightaway’s software & services enable healthcare providers to create their own in-house Nurse Aide certification program. We have handled all the UX design needs since day one.

Pensionera brings total clarity and control over your pensions. We worked with them to design internal materials.

We've worked with IE to design visual assets for promotional campaign. It's also where our founder studied!

A part of Norrsken Foundation, Klarity aimed to fight corruption through tech. We designed the initial UX iterations of the product. That required A LOT of prototyping.

A specialized travel agency and booking platform for surf, ski and snowboarding trips all around the globe. We have worked with LUEX  over the years with design support.

Masterclass meets Fashion. We designed and built an LMS from scratch to host courses by the world's leading influencers.

Win a dream holiday with BnGet! This platform lets you to win unbelievable prizes through a game of spot-the-ball. We did the branding, UX Design and the initial iteration of the platform.

Flair is a complete platform built on top of Salesforce to help advanced HR departments by having reliable, secure, adaptive, and cost-efficient processes. We worked with them to create the visual foundation of their marketing websites.

Surrounded by the calming sound of the ocean and the sweet scent of tropical flowers, Masmara is a luxury resort in Bali who we helped to set up their entire online presence.

With over 5 million evaluations, Delta is a SaaS for talent management. We designed and developed their website using Webflow.

We worked with this Swiss company to design a few key visual internal assets along with concept iterations of what the future version of their website could look like.

With 27 years of experience, Goldmark is at the forefront of apparel manufacturing. We helped them relaunch their entire online presence.

Gifs? Memes? Which is the funnier? HeyPix allows users to share and vote on the best the internet has to offer. We designed and developed the platform from scratch.

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