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The Purple Cow of Data Labeling.

There's a big difference between James Bond being the bomb at the box office, and a bomb. That's why machines need human intelligence to train them. From detecting sarcasm in hate speech to understanding medical terminology in hospital transcripts.

For example, Delta means different things depending on who and when you asked. Language is nuanced, fluid and contextual. It’s in perpetual motion. And companies need great data to create their AI models.

Normally when companies set out to collect this data, they turn to offshore workforces using translation tools. But cultural nuances, context or irony can’t simply be translated. 

Surge AI has built the next-gen labeling infrastructure. With it, best AI and technology companies in the world double their machine learning performance in half the time.

We’ve been involved since a pretty early stage collaborating closely as an integrated part of their team. We took ownership of the entire design spectrum, all the way from creating their very first visual identity to designing the software. We continue working closely with them.

Keep on Surgin’

Their very first website and what we started from.

Branding the Tesla to the Ford.

We wanted to appeal to the curious engineer that wants to try shiny new things and cool things. If there was one thing we wanted to avoid was a cold, corporate, generic look.

In an industry with little branding risk, we wanted to stand out.

From concept to roll-out, there's much to consider when packing your brand into a single icon
First step was branding. We started from scratch. Here you see early symbol explorations, we were looking for something that was simple and easy to recognize
Logo icon exploration working around the letter S
Explorations, explorations, explorations

We came up with the idea of aligning "text labels" to make up the S of Surge AI.

The final logo presented in a grid system, showing construction guides and circles
The final logo presented in a grid system, showing construction guidelines and spacing

A carefully chosen color scheme that help us communicate on visual and psychological levels
Among a plethora of boring competitors, we wanted a color scheme that proudly stood out.
Showcase of Surge AI logo on different backgrounds
Showcase of the logo on different backgrounds
Bold companies deserve bold patterns
Bold companies deserve bold patterns
An UI animation to reduce the mechanical feel of the website and create a much more natural and intuitive experience
We designed surge themed stickers. What better way to communicate relatable emotions than using emoticons?
We also made our own emojis! The team's slack is filled with them and we kind of love it.

Visual foundation, check. Now the website.

Since we designed our identity around being weirdly different, we created ourselves a little problem that we had to deliver on.

Our marketing website had to match that crazy identity we came up with. Generally, the deeper you go down into the companies needs, the more you have to tone down some of the fun ideas that came up during the exploration process. But we managed to prove ourselves wrong and found a good balance between usability, marketing and design needs.

Animations to go from good to great

Designs that communicate more than a 1000 words
Visually targeted.
All our interfaces are designed to stand out on all devices
We love how good gradients make objects stand out by adding new dimensions to the design.
A dedicated blog section to share, connect, create and inspire
Our lovely blog for that lovely SEO
Bold designs for the next-gen data labelling AI platform

Product Design

The brand identity and website turned out how we wanted: flashy, different and exciting. But designing for product takes a different, more sober approach. It's always a fine line between staying true to our newly-found design values and providing an experience where users can successfully and smoothly complete their goals.

We tried to find areas to delight users through cool empty states while sticking to common navigation patterns as to make it seem as it's an experience that is familar to users.

We tried to make what is standard and boring, just a little bit nicer through copy writing. You can delight users without fancy and expensive graphics.
Efficient data visualizations that enables users to extract actionable insights, identify patterns, and find improvement opportunities
The interface needed to run your own data labeling projects

A results page that lives both inside the product, but is also a window to be shared around by different stake holders in the company.
Delightful details wherever we can fit them. Software doesn't have to be boring.
Elements of the design system we implemented
Data visualization components that were used throughout

We've worked with LIFT Agency from the very beginning. They took ownership of our entire design spectrum and have been an invaluable partner that works elbow-to-elbow with us. As a startup that moves quickly and often, they have been able to roll with the punches at a high standard. Whether for our marketing or product design needs, they are the design partner I wouldn't want to change.

Vladimir Danila, talking good about LIFT Agnecy
Edwin Chen
Founder and CEO, Surge AI
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