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We co-create products and services that disrupt the status quo, win hearts and realize the future
Through our clients, our websites have been used by

Product design for ticket purchasing app.

SaaS design for world's best data labeling platform.

Product design for an HR software.

SaaS design for an end-to-end HR management solution powered by Salesforce.

Product design for a leading provider of health education, training & workforce solutions.

UI design for an innovation-driven clinical research eSource solutions company.

Our product design hinges on empathetic understanding of the end-user. By delving into their habits, behaviors, frustrations, and needs, we solve real problems for real people.


Seems obvious, but we design products to solve problems. We focus on needs, and prioritize key functionalities to ensure that users will be willing to pay for the solution.


Designs that build trust and improve user engagement. Here the secret is consistency. It’s not enough for a product to work sometimes.


We find and remove all barriers that prevent efficient human-computer interactions.

Rediscovering the Island of Nantucket

With the creation of the App, what was once a collection of hidden trails and properties has now become a cohesive, navigable experience.

Moreover, our partnership has blossomed, welcoming new organizations and trails into the fold, ensuring that the spirit of Nantucket is forever within grasp—right in the palm of your hand.

We keep working to improve the app in our ongoing partnership.

Movies Tickets
for 3 Million Fans

Back in 2018, Moveek, originally a successful website, entrusted us with a bold mission: to transition their business into the uncharted realm of mobile platforms. The outcome was the birth of their mobile app, meticulously designed to grant users lightning-fast access to cinema information, film news, and showtimes – all at their fingertips.

Since then, they’ve witnessed an extraordinary surge in users, soaring from 10,000 MAU in 2015 to a remarkable 1.5 million MAU today.

Education on-the-go for Busy Nurses

Relias is a leading provider of education, training, and workforce enablement solutions for human services and healthcare organizations.

We have co-created their digital offering with them.

Designing for the Future of Clinical Trials

Clinical Ink powers the world's leading pharmaceutical companies in their mission to improve the lives of millions of patients worldwide.

Learn how we designed for a team team of 50+ engineers working for the future of clinical trials.

Case Study

Powering the
World's Leading LLMs

Surge AI has built the next-gen labeling infrastructure. With it, best AI and technology companies in the world double their machine learning performance in half the time.

We’ve been involved since a pretty early stage collaborating closely as an integrated part of their team and designing the software.

Case Study

Delight beyond surface-level aesthetics. Designs that put users into the state of flow and let them make the most from using a product.


We design products that ignite a shift, taking your users from a simple 'I need this' to an 'I want this'.


Designs that challenge the status quo, pushing the envelope, and creating groundbreaking solutions that shake up the market and change the game.

Our work has consistently been recognized by our clients through its ability to drive results.  We are proud to continually deliver exceptional work that sets us apart. But don’t just take our word for it.

Timeliness and good project planning are among the strengths shown by LIFT Agency. The team is flexible, nimble, and has strong forethought regarding the apps' globalization and responsiveness. Their ability to cater to an agile startup mindset also makes them invaluable development partners.

Thanks to Lift Agency's involvement, the company's customer base has grown significantly. End users have also responded positively to the team's software design. They have fast turnaround times and provide solutions that result in great customer feedback.

We've worked with LIFT Agency from the very beginning. They took ownership of our entire design spectrum and have been an invaluable partner that works elbow-to-elbow with us. As a startup that moves quickly and often, they have been able to roll with the punches at a high standard. Whether for our marketing or product design needs, they are the design partner I wouldn't want to change.

Their communication is impressive. Also, they’re always willing to do better and eager to listen to us and change things accordingly — even more so than many of the larger companies. Overall, LIFT Agency has gone beyond expectation.

LIFT for us is like our internal design team. Every single design they made for us is amazing. We're super happy to work with them and would not replace them with anyone else. They simply go the extra mile!

Product design for a DevOps software for git-based saleforce development

Designing a platform to challenge how clinical trials are traditionally done

Product design for a leading provider of health education, training & worforce solutions

UI design for the world's first RLHF platform

UI design for biggest cinema ticket booking app of Asia

Designing an experience to explore and enjoy over 200 acres of conserved land

Since 2015, LIFT Agency has collaborated with startups and enterprises to design products used by millions worldwide.

We’re experienced.

We accelerate progress of our clients’ mostimmediate initiatives; from building brands andproducts to activating them through digital surfaces,timely content, and immersive experiences.

We work as partners.

We thrive on genuine collaboration— working hand in hand with our clients. When you hire LIFT Agency, you're gaining more than just a design agency; you get an expansion of your team.

We’ve always been remote.

Yes, right from the start—long before it became the "new normal", meaning that we have refined our work and communication processes to perfection, resulting in a seamless and highly efficient collaborations that knows no bounds of time or place.


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