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We help businesses of all sizes transform their digital product with pixel perfect interfaces to deliver seamless and intuitive user experiences. The UX/UI projects we take on, range from building a new product to redesigning an existing mobile app, website, or enterprise software. We do everything you might need to bring a successful digital product to life. Our designs increase conversion, reduce cost of maintenance and build a consistent user experience.


We extend product design departments of the most innovative startups and established companies. We provide ongoing UI/UX design, remote staff augmentation and constant iterative design improvements. The process is highly involved and requires deep collaboration on both sides.


We will provide you with all the tangible record of the work that occurred, whether that work was research or design. Some of the most common deliverables that come out of UX work are usability-test reports, wireframes and prototypes, site maps, personas, and flowcharts. When it comes to UI, we deliver pixel perfect designs.


To design we use Figma, a cloud-based design tool that enables seamless collaboration among our team of designers, product managers, and you, our clients. With Figma, we can work together on design projects in real-time,  sharing ideas, feedback, and changes. This leads to faster turnaround times and a more efficient workflow.

Another reason we like Figma is because it’s cloud-based which enables our clients to acces it from anywhere, anytime, ensuring they are kept informed and up-to-date on the design process. This means that you can review and provide feedback on designs from your office, home, or even while on-the-go with the app, providing the ultimate in convenience.

Last but not least, our designers can create interactive prototypes, enabling you to see and feel how the final product will look and function. This facilitates feedback based on your user experience, minimizing the risk of costly redesigns or changes later in the development process.

At our UI/UX agency, we pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge technology solutions, and Figma is just one of the many tools we use to deliver outstanding results.


LIFT Agency has been privileged to partner with clients across a broad range of industries - including healthcare, computer science (AI), and finance. Our team possesses the expertise and experience necessary to assist both startups and corporations in designing UI/UX solutions that not only look great but also enhance accessibility and usability. If you're seeking pixel-perfect aesthetics and intuitive functionality, LIFT Agency is you UI/UX design partner.

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From Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 500

LIFT agency worked together with Relias, a leading healthcare education provider, to create a bullet-proof design system that will bring consistency to their already massive (and growing) suite of products. We built it in Figma using Google's Material Design as a base.BuhoPay partners with LIFT agency to design their UI/UX and reimagine how restaurants interact with their data and how their customers order.Bertelsmann Education Group engaged LIFT agency to become the interface design partner of their new venture.LIFT Agency designed an iOS and Android experience for Moveek, a mob of over one million movie geeks in Southeast Asia LIFT Agency is working together with the folks at Clinical Ink to reimagine the future of clinical trials. LIFT agency designs all the UX/UI for Design for Clinical InkLIFT Agency worked with Movistar (Telefónica) to reimagine the UX of one of their Leading LATAM loyalty products. LIFT Agency designed a mobile experience for IOS, Android & Windows for 10 million+ customers of Telefónica.
LIFT Agency for Straightaway. Designing software to hire, train and retain Certified Nursing Assistants.LIFT Agency developed an app for Nantucket Conservation Foundation who maintains and preserves nearly a third of the Nantucket island. magine having your greatest idol become your teacher. Imagine a curriculum that brings together videos, quizzes and peer-to-peer learning to make education aspirational and engaging. LIFT Agency designed and built this.LIFT Agency designed Prestalo's website. The digital platform that has disrupted the market offering users a simplified process for comparing and obtaining loansBnGet logo. LIFT Agencie's clientLUEX logo. LIFT Agencie's client
Klarity logo. LIFT Agency's clientVina energy logo. LIFT Agencie's clientNorrsken logo. LIFT Agencie's clientMudita hired Lift Agency to design their iOS app to allow hardcore fans to follow college baseball in an easy and intuitive way. The result was outstanding. LIFT Agency rebranded Ohana Health, a wbsite that provides the training and education you need to join one of the fastest growing occupations in the 21st centuryIe's trusted design agency. LIFT Agency

For each project, LIFT Agency has performed within the expected metrics. They've delivered on time, on budget, and with great communication. Their designs are crisp, innovative, and impressive. Their collaboration has led to the continued satisfaction of their joint customers over the years.

The design hand-offs went smoothly, which demonstrated the LIFT Agency team's experience and professionalism throughout the project. The team consistently accommodated the company's needs as well as delivering high quality work every time.

The work they deliver and how they do it is impeccable. We already knew that LIFT agency was considered one of the best UI/UX Agencies and after working with them, we saw why. We started receiving more leads than ever before. Our sales representatives had better info about potential clients, and as a result, our conversion rates increased by 300% in the first month.

Blog interface design for a biotech company
UI design for clinical trial solutions
Interface design for world's more powerful data labeling platform

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