Sasha Morris
Director of Product Management

“I highly recommend working with LIFT Agency! They worked to get our new design system implemented, which has been the foundation for many of Relias’ products. The team delivers high-quality and thoughtful work. They've been a great partner throughout the process.”

Sasha Morris
Vladimir Danila
Founder & CEO, Vectornator

“LIFT for us is like our internal design team. Every single design they made for us is amazing. We're super happy to work with them and would not replace them with anyone else. They simply go the extra mile!”

Trond Erik Vee Aune
CEO, Vectron Biosolutions AS

“Their communication is impressive. Also, they’re always willing to do better and eager to listen to us and change things accordingly — even more so than many of the larger companies. Overall, LIFT Agency has gone beyond expectation.”

Edwin Chen
Founder and CEO, Surge AI

“We've worked with LIFT Agency from the very beginning. They took ownership of our entire design spectrum and have been an invaluable partner that works elbow-to-elbow with us. As a startup that moves quickly and often, they have been able to roll with the punches at a high standard. Whether for our marketing or product design needs, they are the design partner I wouldn't want to change.”

Philipp Haase

“I was blown away by the craftsmanship and the flexibility that they gave while always being true to their expertise. The outcome is our new outstanding website. This makes a very good impression for our clients and helps us a lot to gain new leads as well as represent our company for our employees.”

Grace Danks
Product Manager, Relias

“Thanks to Lift Agency's involvement, the company's customer base has grown significantly. End users have also responded positively to the team's software design. They have fast turnaround times and provide solutions that result in great customer feedback.”

Russel Johnson
Managing Director, Bozo Ventures

“LIFT Agency took their time to really understand what we were trying to do, even though it was very complicated. They felt like an in-house part of the team and were great with their communication. They stayed on us to get the job done, and if it weren't for their attentiveness, we wouldn't have met our deadlines.”

“They delivered high-quality and thoughtful work and their designs were outstanding. Beyond the aesthetic, usability and scalability, their designs consider marketing business principles. The project manager was always willing to go the extra mile and clarify questions and concerns in a meeting if needed. They have their processes well established, which makes the workflow very effective. ”

Vikram Natarajan
Head of Product & Engineering, SmartScripts
Alexandra Salume
COO & Co-Founder, Buho Pay

“LIFT Agency has been instrumental in connecting the client with other service providers and mitigating technical issues for the product. The team is highly communicative despite the time zone differences, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their design prowess.”

Martin Jenner
Head of Sales, LUEX - LineUpEXplorers

“The work they deliver and how they do it is impeccable. We already knew that LIFT agency was considered one of the best UI/UX Agencies and after working with them, we saw why. We started receiving more leads than ever before. Our sales representatives had better info about potential clients, and as a result, our conversion rates increased by 300% in the first month.”

Pearlyn Yeo
Senior Design Manager, Circles.Life

“The design hand-offs went smoothly, which demonstrated the LIFT Agency team's experience and professionalism throughout the project. The team consistently accommodated the company's needs as well as delivering high quality work every time. ”

Ryan Casey
Founder, Skapa Tech LLC

“For each project, LIFT Agency has performed within the expected metrics. They've delivered on time, on budget, and with great communication. Their designs are crisp, innovative, and impressive. Their collaboration has led to the continued satisfaction of their joint customers over the years.”

Arusha Mehta
Marketing Director, Goldmark LTD

“I found this collaboration to be particularly positive not just due to the teams celerity and deep knowledge of design, but rather the patience and confidence with which each feedback was handled. We were very happy with the services and look forward to continued working with them.”

Michael B
Founder, EG

“LIFT Agency is super responsive, and their ability to keep on budget is outstanding. We’ve had some changes throughout the project where they identified some gaps, and they were still able to stay on budget through phase one. Moreover, the quality of their deliverables is exceptional. ”

Sunny Fassler
Managing Director, Sunny Creates

“The people at LIFT Agency are one of the most talented bunch I've ever met. What blows me away is how easy it is for them to turn nerdy, complex issues into engaging and user-friendly UI/UX designs that make a ton of sense!”

Sunny Fassler
Brady Keeter
Manager of Product Innovation, Clinical Ink

“Timeliness and good project planning are among the strengths shown by LIFT Agency. The team is flexible, nimble, and has strong forethought regarding the apps' globalization and responsiveness. Their ability to cater to an agile startup mindset also makes them invaluable development partners.”

Kristoffer Hanson
CEO, Prestalo

“They’re committed to customer success and satisfaction. LIFT Agency really listens to input from us. They don’t try to enforce designs that weren’t approved by us. They really focus on delivering a ready product.”

Sandra Sánchez Campillo
Business Manager at Disproquimia

“We hired LIFT Agency to create a design system for our broad portfolio of products and solutions. They did an outstanding job, providing us with a unified, standardized and coherent system that has helped our team work more efficiently. We're grateful for their expertise and professionalism and would highly recommend their design services.”

Nicolas Mestre
Founder, Williams Corner Wine

“Lift provides a consistently high-level design. The workflow was seamless and easy. Straightforward process - the team was quick to incorporate feedback. I can't think of any areas of improvement.”

Rudolf Hajek
Director, Masmara Resort

“They are practical, professional and quick. The communication is impressive and we are happy with the result”

Mike Luker
CEO at ACE Health Centre

“Although the site hasn't been rolled out yet, we are already praising LIFT Agency's output. Their workflow is seamless and the design work outstanding.”

Fabricio Montiron
EMEA Sales Manager at GBR CORP. LTD.

“I had the pleasure of working with LIFT agency on a design strategy project, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Their team's knowledge of user experience and interface design is exceptional, and they worked quickly and flexibly to ensure our expectations were not only met, but exceeded. I felt at ease knowing that we could rely on LIFT agency to bring our vision to life. I highly recommend LIFT agency to anyone seeking a trusted partner for their design needs. ”

Fabricio Montiron

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