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With focus on sleek interfaces and great functionality, we design world-class websites to transform your online presence. Our websites are designed to deliver a seamless UX, making it easy for your customers to navigate, find what they're looking for, and take action. Whether you're looking to increase conversions, drive traffic, or improve brand recognition, we offer web design solutions with your goals in mind.


Our approach to website design is centered around your unique needs and goals. Our team of experts starts by gaining a deep understanding of your brand and target audience, before developing a customized strategy that aligns with your objectives. Our passion for design shines through in every project we ship out the door. By combining visually stunning interfaces with intuitive user experiences, and incorporating the latest design trends, we bring your brand to life online.


We design high-performing websites. Our expert team crafts custom, research-backed solutions that deliver user-friendly experiences, sleek UI, and a visual impact that truly represents your brand. With lightning fast loading times and seamless designs, our websites perform flawlessly across all devices. Get ready to dominate your digital space with a website that sets you apart and drives real results.


Designing a website doesn't have to be a hassle. We take the stress out of the process with our step-by-step approach. First, we get a solid grasp of your vision and goals through our requirement definition process. Then, our sitemap and user flows help us map out the perfect website structure. Our talented design squad goes to work, crafting a website that's both visually stunning and easy to navigate. We build the frontend to be fully responsive, so your website looks and performs great on any device. With our custom CMS, managing your content is a breeze. And thanks to our analytics and SEO setup, your website will have the best possible chance of being discovered by your target audience. Throughout the entire process, we keep quality control and performance optimization top of mind. And when your website goes live, we'll be there to provide support, quality assurance, and bug fixing, so you can focus on running your business.


For designing we use Figma, a cloud-based design tool that enables seamless collaboration among our team of designers, developers, product managers, and you, our clients. With Figma, we can work together on design projects in real-time,  sharing ideas, feedback, and changes. This leads to faster turnaround times and a more efficient workflow.

For development we use Webflow—the most modern CMS solution for better and quicker websites. Webflow takes the hard parts of web development out of the equation and lets you focus on deploying landing pages and designs to production faster. Beyond Webflow development, we also provide complete end-to-end design and CMS solutions for Webflow.


At LIFT Agency, we've had the privilege of working with clients from a wide range of industries, from healthcare to computer science (AI) and finance. Whether it’s startups or large corporations, we’ve had the expertise and experience to help them design websites that not only look great, but leave a lasting impression. Many of our clients are SaaS companies that trust us to design their marketing websites after working with us on their product design. The companies that have worked with us know that with our project managers, designers, developers and marketers, they're in good hands, and our portfolio is a testament to the success of our projects. With our proven track record, our clients can be confident that we'll deliver a website that caters to their own unique needs and challenges.

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Scrappy Startups to Fortune 500

LIFT agency worked together with Relias, a leading healthcare education provider, to create a bullet-proof design system that will bring consistency to their already massive (and growing) suite of products. We built it in Figma using Google's Material Design as a base.BuhoPay partners with LIFT agency to design their UI/UX and reimagine how restaurants interact with their data and how their customers order.Bertelsmann Education Group engaged LIFT agency to become the interface design partner of their new venture.LIFT Agency designed an iOS and Android experience for Moveek, a mob of over one million movie geeks in Southeast Asia LIFT Agency is working together with the folks at Clinical Ink to reimagine the future of clinical trials. LIFT agency designs all the UX/UI for Design for Clinical InkLIFT Agency worked with Movistar (Telefónica) to reimagine the UX of one of their Leading LATAM loyalty products. LIFT Agency designed a mobile experience for IOS, Android & Windows for 10 million+ customers of Telefónica.
LIFT Agency for Straightaway. Designing software to hire, train and retain Certified Nursing Assistants.LIFT Agency developed an app for Nantucket Conservation Foundation who maintains and preserves nearly a third of the Nantucket island. magine having your greatest idol become your teacher. Imagine a curriculum that brings together videos, quizzes and peer-to-peer learning to make education aspirational and engaging. LIFT Agency designed and built this.LIFT Agency designed Prestalo's website. The digital platform that has disrupted the market offering users a simplified process for comparing and obtaining loansBnGet logo. LIFT Agencie's clientLUEX logo. LIFT Agencie's client
Klarity logo. LIFT Agency's clientVina energy logo. LIFT Agencie's clientNorrsken logo. LIFT Agencie's clientMudita hired Lift Agency to design their iOS app to allow hardcore fans to follow college baseball in an easy and intuitive way. The result was outstanding. LIFT Agency rebranded Ohana Health, a wbsite that provides the training and education you need to join one of the fastest growing occupations in the 21st centuryIe's trusted design agency. LIFT Agency

LIFT Agency has been instrumental in connecting the client with other service providers and mitigating technical issues for the product. The team is highly communicative despite the time zone differences, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with their design prowess.

I was blown away by the craftsmanship and the flexibility that they gave while always being true to their expertise. The outcome is our new outstanding website. This makes a very good impression for our clients and helps us a lot to gain new leads as well as represent our company for our employees.

Their communication is impressive. Also, they’re always willing to do better and eager to listen to us and change things accordingly — even more so than many of the larger companies. Overall, LIFT Agency has gone beyond expectation.

LIFT for us is like our internal design team. Every single design they made for us is amazing. We're super happy to work with them and would not replace them with anyone else. They simply go the extra mile!

Web design for the most intuitive & precise Illustration Software | Vectornator
Web design for leading microbial protein production experts | Vectron Biosolutions
Web design for all-in-one data labeling platform | Surge AI

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