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We craft worldclass websites that transform your online presence, ensuring you stand out in the digital landscape.
Through our clients, our websites have been used by

Web design for a medical service provider in the fertility space.

UI design Asia's first fully digital telco and consumer company.

Website design for laser eye treatment provider in Switzerland.

Web Design for the Swiss market leader for teeth straightening with clear aligners.

Designing for the newest addition to the Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA portfolio, their latest startup.

Web design for visual AI company applying its advanced computer vision & tech to video.

Website designs done the right way are the vital touchpoint for a brand.  We craft visually stunning website that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, creating an immersive and memorable user journey that converts.

Stunning Design

Backed by the latest studies and industry trends, we're at the forefront of creating pixel perfect interfaces that not only look great but adjust perfectly to every device.

Seamless User Experience

UX isn't just a buzzword for us; we craft immersive digital journeys that keep users engaged and forget they're even navigating.


Our design system guarantees scalability, evolving effortlessly alongside your business.

Designing for Asia's Craziest Telco

Circles.Life, a dynamic telecom innovator rooted in Singapore, is dedicated to reshaping the mobile service landscape with a user-centric ethos. As Asia's first fully digital telco and consumer company, they are redefining the way we connect.

In our partnership with Circles.Life, we undertook the task of designing their corporate section. The objective was to seamlessly merge their unique youthful branding with a dash of corporate refinement, ensuring their visual identity resonated while upholding their core values.

Scalable Website Design for Salesforce

Flair, a comprehensive HR management solution driven by Salesforce, is dedicated to transforming HR processes and enhancing the employee experience for businesses of all sizes.

For Flair, a company that had evolved over years, gaining clarity about their identity and offerings, a complete rebranding became essential to encapsulate their essence. Handling the design of their website was our privilege, creating a digital space that now mirrors the complete essence of who Flair is and what they offer.

We Made Switzerland Smile

Bestsmile, the foremost authority in teeth straightening and veneers in Switzerland, has carved a distinctive path in the dental industry.

In our collaboration, we designed a website that defies dental norms, offering a truly unique and modern look, in stark contrast to the conventional sterile and clinical visuals often associated with dentistry. Our primary focus was to make the entire process of booking the first appointment user-friendly, ensuring that visitors would find it effortless and seamless.

Marketing Design for Fertility Care

Cada, at the forefront of revolutionizing fertility care, is on a mission to make this vital aspect of healthcare more accessible and comprehensible. Their dedication lies in both educating and offering tailored services that meet the unique needs of their patients.

When designing their site, we aimed to create a digital platform for Cada that simplifies fertility care, making essential information accessible and the process easy, all while infusing it with a profound sense of empathy. Our goal was to support individuals during the challenging journey of fertility care, offering them a more approachable and compassionate experience.

Design for the Market Leader in Skincare & Hair

As the leader in hair and skin treatments in Switzerland, Hair & Skin has revolutionized the industry with its cutting-edge technology and innovative approach to offering these services.

In our collaboration, we designing a website that embodies this unique vision, offering a boutique look and feel that sets it apart from traditional healthcare providers. Our goal was to reflect the essence of HAIR & SKIN's approach to treatments in every aspect of their digital presence.

Sleek Design

Trust is the backbone of online success. We design interfaces that incorporate a range of trust-building elements, ensuring that potential clients have every reason to invest in your company.

High Conversion

Whether you aim to convert visitors into customers, subscribers, or engaged users, our UI is carefully crafted to optimize conversion paths, ensuring tangible results.

Low Bounce Rate

Our thoughtfully designed interfaces inspire users to delve deeper, discover, and take meaningful actions, ensuring a more engaging user experience.

Our work has consistently been recognized by our clients through its ability to drive results.  We are proud to continually deliver exceptional work that sets us apart. But don’t just take our word for it.

Timeliness and good project planning are among the strengths shown by LIFT Agency. The team is flexible, nimble, and has strong forethought regarding the apps' globalization and responsiveness. Their ability to cater to an agile startup mindset also makes them invaluable development partners.

Thanks to Lift Agency's involvement, the company's customer base has grown significantly. End users have also responded positively to the team's software design. They have fast turnaround times and provide solutions that result in great customer feedback.

We've worked with LIFT Agency from the very beginning. They took ownership of our entire design spectrum and have been an invaluable partner that works elbow-to-elbow with us. As a startup that moves quickly and often, they have been able to roll with the punches at a high standard. Whether for our marketing or product design needs, they are the design partner I wouldn't want to change.

Their communication is impressive. Also, they’re always willing to do better and eager to listen to us and change things accordingly — even more so than many of the larger companies. Overall, LIFT Agency has gone beyond expectation.

LIFT for us is like our internal design team. Every single design they made for us is amazing. We're super happy to work with them and would not replace them with anyone else. They simply go the extra mile!

Website design for 10 million designers.

Website interface design for the fastest expanding beauty clinic network in Switzerland.

Web design for leading microbial protein production experts.

Website Design for a Spanish loan marketplace.

Since 2015, LIFT Agency has collaborated with startups and enterprises to design products used by millions worldwide.

We’re experienced.

We accelerate progress of our clients’ mostimmediate initiatives; from building brands andproducts to activating them through digital surfaces,timely content, and immersive experiences.

We work as partners.

We thrive on genuine collaboration— working hand in hand with our clients. When you hire LIFT Agency, you're gaining more than just a design agency; you get an expansion of your team.

We’ve always been remote.

Yes, right from the start—long before it became the "new normal", meaning that we have refined our work and communication processes to perfection, resulting in a seamless and highly efficient collaborations that knows no bounds of time or place.


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