A Better UX for 3 Million Movie Fans


We partnered with Moveek, the Rotten Tomatoes of South East Asia, to design a brand new mobile product to book and purchase cinema tickets. The first of its kind in the region and, surprisingly, a thriving industry in Asia.

Intuitive, fuss-free UX

Going to the movies is supposed to be a perfect relaxing plan. However, for Moveek website users, booking tickets online felt like hard work due to the cumbersome navigation, missing information, and dated user interface design.

The team at Moveek contacted us to design an app with a flawless user experience for people buying movie tickets. And we delivered; we created an intuitive and fuss-free purchasing process.

Redesign the sale of movie tickets

The great thing about this project was that moveek.com already had a lot of traffic which gave us plenty of information to work with. So, after a couple of weeks of research, data analysis and interviews, we gathered all the insights needed; we got a pretty clear idea of the personas, their behavior & needs.

Another advantage that we had was that the app's content was something that movie fans were already used to; Finding and selecting theaters, viewing dates and screening times and of course, picking the best seat in the house were processes that weren't new for the users.

The challenge, however, was to figure out the gaps in their business's UX and help them design their brand-new app that would enhance the overall cinema-going experience.

Finding the gaps in UX

An important aspect we wanted to solve with the movie ticket purchasing app for Moveek was easy access to the tickets. Some users ran into trouble purchasing tickets through the website, while others couldn't find confirmation emails or access the platform. Faced with these challenges, we wanted to design an app that would keep everything in one place. No need to scour through inboxes tip-toeing around login troubles. It's all there, right at people's fingertips at the comfort of their own mobile phone.

Design System

Vladimir Danila, talking good about LIFT Agnecy
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